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Events at The Shepherds Arms

At the Shepherds Arms it is customary to attend, the somewhat traumatic event schedule that occurs year in year out.

Within the course of the year the football team, regulars and friends are usually treated to evening at the dogs. This is without doubt a "VERY BOOZY DO!". There is the "Headingley run", which, guess what "IS A VERY BOOZY DO!".

Last year saw a very welcomed addition to the drinking calendar with a trip to the Cup Final...........OUR CUP FINAL !!!!!!!! and if things couldn't get any better.............WE WON !!!!!!!!!! This without doubt is up there with the best, booziest do's there has been date.

Please visit the links below to see the fun unfold on some of our "BOOZY DO's"

Dog Trip 2002 Presentation 02 Presentation 03
Presentation 04 04/05 Cup Winners Presentation 05
Presentation 06    

The players are now coming to that age where Stag Do's are arranged. These are almost without doubt, abroad with the last outings being in Benidorm, Prague, and another trip to Benidorm. How some of the players are still standing at the end of these, I have no idea.

The Dogs is a gentlemen only evening where the lads get the chance to let their hair down (those who have some), drink loads of beer and lose a hefty amount of that hard earned money.

However, for the last couple years there has been exceptions to the rule. The first year we had one winner scooping £2500, how much of that I believe - I am not sure. The second year saw several new up and coming gamblers walking away with in excess of £100............and that's after all the booze as well!!!

Other events include trips to Skegness, Yarm, and on the odd occasion when matches are called off, we have been known to go 10 pin bowling. This only happens after a full greasy breakfast at the local cafe.

Well - we need to shake the cobwebs off on a Sunday morning.

If you have any suggestions for days out or you would like to arrange a friendly - naturally with a beer session afterwards, please e-mail The Shepherds Arms.

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