Shepherds Arms - Division 4 League Cup - WINNERS

Shepherds Arms FC - 2004/05 Division 4 Cup Winners

The Shepherds Arms got to the final of the Division 4 League Cup the hard way. The first round saw them face Hemsworth MW who eventually went all season unbeaten in the league but not the cup - unlucky!!!!!!!! The Sheps put out a near full team and came up with the goods with a well deserved win away to Hemsworth 2-1.

The second round saw The Sheps meet Stanley - some old foes who were swept aside as the Sheps felt the possibility of some silverware.

It was inevitable that in the semi-final The Sheps would play Crofton Colts Res who were in 2nd place in the league and pushing hard for that promotion place along with Hemsworth and The Sheps.

On the day, The Mighty Sheps were indeed mighty and won the game 6-5. All involved said that it should have been the final and would have made a great game on the day.

In the other semi-final Flanshaw beat Wakefield City Res to book their place in the final to be played at Ossett Albion's ground.

The week before the final saw Flanshaw play The Sheps in the league which saw a victory for The Sheps, but only just. Some key players were rested to make sure that we had every opportunity to grab that all important trophy - something that had never been done before.

On the day The Mighty Sheps proved their quality and belief by leading 4-0 at half time and a further second half goal made sure that the trophy was coming home.

Talk about doing it the hard way - beating 1st and 2nd in the league to get our hands on the cup - how good are we!!!!!!!!

You will see from the pictures below it was a truly memorable day of which we are glad to be able to share with you.
3rd April 2005
The Shepherds Arms line up for the final against Flanshaw After an early meet and a few bacon sarnies back at the Sheps we were ready to do the business.

One thing first - one minutes silence for the death of the pope, perfectly observed by both teams and supporters
Get ready for battle !!!!!
Going with tradition, both teams meet and shake hands wishing each other all the best.

Are the nerves starting to tell....
it doesn't look like it. The Sheps are focused and know what they need to do to win the cup.

Score goals....and loads of them.
Shepherds Arms and Flanshaw shake hands before the game starts
Warm Up
Jermaine Jones warming up for the final Here's Jonesy - been out of the game for the past 8 weeks due to a suspension.

Has he still got it......... I think so, but what's this, why haven't you got a shirt on?

Oh that's right - can't get straight back in the team.

Oh what joy to have a player like that on the bench.

Unlucky Flanshaw.
Hair today - gone tomorrow
The Flanshaw team got into the spirit of things and dyed their hair red and blue!!!!!!

It's OK for those who have hair!!!!

This all added to the spirit of the day.

Do you think they were trying to scare us ???
Flanshaw with their Red & Blue hair
Wilky flashes some leg!!!
Steve Wilkinson flashes some leg Players and supporters are intent on watching the game from the dug out - however, what is Wilky doing?????

He seems intent on flashing some leg to someone - who could it be?
What's up Ben?
This is Ben, the top goalscorer this season!!!

Doesn't look too much like an athlete to me.

I wouldn't mind he has only made a 5 yard run and he is knackered.

Is there any hope ????
Ben Inman after running 5 yards
Crowd of up to 40,000
The crowds turn out to see the Mighty Shepherds Arms Look at the intense support that The Shepherds Arms bring along to every game. Obviously slightly different for the final - everyone wants to turn out - there is up to 40,000 present at the final...................well, OK 150 or so..........

but thats great for Sunday football and the teams involved.
CUP WINNERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!
The final whistle goes and The Sheps are ecstatic - well some of them anyway.

After all these years the Mighty Sheps lift some silverware.

The first WINNERS from all the leagues - how good is that?
Shepherds Arms have finally done it - they have won the cup
Shepherds Arms celebrate their win after the final whistle The victory line shows its appreciation to the crowd - and as Andy Wilks T-Shirt says.......

Mick says "eggsellent!!"

Bit of an in house joke.
Man of the Match
Oh no........ he's got a trophy!!!

Ben walks away with the trophy for Man of the Match, voted for by the officials on the sideline.

Will we ever hear the last of it?

Special mentions were also for Shaun Taylor, Jamie Brearley and the whole of the back 4 - once again an excellent line for the full 90 minutes.
Ben Inman gets the Man of the Match award in the final
Flanshaw collect their medals
Flanshaw collect their medals After a gritty performance it was just a step too far for Flanshaw. However, in their first season this is a great achievement for any team.

Well done Flanshaw!!!
Captain Marvellous
Jamey Cox (Captain) drags the Fat Bald Kid up to collect the trophy - doesn't look like there's too much dragging.

Jamey always said that we would win something this season - but what a return.

2004/05 Division 4 League Cup

The Fat Bald Kid and Jamey Cox lift the Division 4 League Cup - WINNERS
What an ugly bunch!!!
Shepherds Arms Football team after their impressive win in the league cup final The team get together for their photo with the cup.

The team joker - Dave Ramsey - can't quite carry the cup so finds a nice place to rest it!!!!

By the way Jonesy - NICE VEST!!!
Will we ever get the cup off
The Fat Lad ?
I am not sure he can actually believe it - The Shepherds Arms

Cup Winners

Oh dear - things are going to get messy.

So, Fat Bald Kid - has the cup got anything in it?

Well - of course, not sure what though.
Fat Bald kid lifts the trophy
Rammer Dammer Ding Dong has a drink from the cup The cup is on its rounds already and it doesn't take Rammer long before he gets his hands on the silverware.

Be careful Dave, we all know what happens when you have a few seem to think that you are the next big singing sensation.
Jonesy wants to get his hands on the cupo de shepherds, but Foxy is not giving in without a fight. Jonesy and Foxy battle it out for the amber nectar
Captains Glee
Jermaine Jones and Jamey Cox lift the cup Captain for the past two years has seen a topsy turvy time but finally he has got it - The Cup.

Jonesy - Voice Captain - oh sorry, Vice Captain joins together with Jamey to celebrate this momentous occasion.
A day for stayers
Shaun gets a mouthful of the amber nectar - but who's that in the background?

It's Ben, the Man of the Match and do you remember the picture earlier - out of breath after a 5 yard run - I wouldn't mind - he is only 19 and should be ready and up for it.
Shaun Kellet takes a drink from the Division 4 Cup
I am awake - honest Boss!!!
Ben Inman drinking from the cup after scoring in the cup final Look I am awake - some beer for me - great stuff.

Is it ready for my afternoon sleep yet. I think I have overdone it today.
Waiting in the wings
Jamie waits for the booze patiently, but Dave doesn't want to give it up.

Jamie bagged the last goal in the final with a perfectly worked move.

Come on Dave, a man could die of thirst in here.
Jamie Brearly and Dave Johnson
Drink from the cup of plenty
Jamie Brearly celebrating his goal in the Cup Final - the only way to celebrate. Finally Jamie gets his hands on the trophy - well, at least I think its Jamie.

Leave some for the rest of us....

Oh doesn't matter - we will just fill it up AGAIN!!!!!!!!
Jamie finally comes up for air to lift the cup and celebrate the achievement. Cheers Jamie - Is that the Division 4 League Cup ?
Don't be greedy, Wilks
Steve Wilkinson celebrating

As the day moves on Wilky decides to have two on the go at the same time.

And guess what - look who's lurking at the side - AGAIN - it's that man Jonesy looking for another drink.

Don't you get enough ???

A face of the future
Owen gets his hands on the trophy.

Is this a sign of things to come???
Owen Bland lifting the first of many cups
Invade the front room
Fun in the front room at the Sheps Everything moves to the front room in the Sheps where it certainly is starting to get bubbly.

Oh no - that means only one thing - the karaoke is about to start - where's Dave???
I wondered how long it would take before Dave showed his face again.

Let me guess Dave - are you TRYING to sing Summer of 69 - again???

Dave - The Entertainer - steps up to the front to get things going even more.

As a follow on - I am sure Jonesy won't be far behind with the mic.
Dave Ramsey singing Summer of 69
Room for another ?
The boys get the straws out for some more fun. Plopolingo looks on as the guys decide that straws are the way forward.

You can just see the steam coming out of his ears because he wants a drink.

And wants it now!!!!!
The girls entertain
The night moves on and as the drinks are flowing the need to get up and sing gets unbelievable.

This is Ben's girlfriend and his Aunty - but where's Ben - is this the time he went and had that afternoon sleep???
The girls singing for the boys
Geoff Nash, Ben Inman and Shaun Taylor with the Division 4 League Cup The backbone of the team get their hands on the trophy.

Geoff Nash (Central Defence)
Shaun Taylor (Midfield)
Ben Inman (Forward)

A trio that frightens most people
.......................wherever they are
The guys get together for a photo opportunity.

Fabien Barthez
Wayne Rooney

What a glitzy event - The Mighty Sheps attract all the stars!!!!!
Fabien Barthez, Darius and Wayne Rooney at the Sheps
He's not missing
Allan Ellis celebrating the only way he knows After winning two "Drunk of the Year" trophies - Al is always a certainty to be standing or something like that at the end of the night.

He usually gets his hands on the trophy but seems to have been missing - TILL NOW!!!!
Colin grabs the chance to get a photo opportunity with the Manager of the Season - No, the Manager of the Decade.

We have heard that Abramovich has been in contact with him for next season at Chelsea.

Naturally this was turned down as there are more trophies to be won with The Mighty Sheps.

Who are Chelsea anyway???
Colin West and Stev Rowbottom (aka The Fat Bald Kid) showing the trophy off.
Jermaine Jones sings us a song Didn't take that long did it Jonesy?

Doesn't he look at home on the stage - he certainly belts a good note out.

In fact you should be on the stage permanently - sweeping it!!!!!
Maxine decides to take a well earned rest from serving the crowds and enjoy the night.

Who's serving then ???
Maxine Law - The Landlady at the Shepherds Arms
It's getting loud now
The Shepherds Arms getting loud and bubbly Its in full swing now and and the players get together for a celebratory song - why not !!!!

Jenny, put Tony down or get a room or something.
Winners - Winners
Knightsy has his moment in the spotlight with blurry eyes.

The original winner of "The Drunk of the Year" ensures that he will be there at the last with Al.
Andy Knights in the spotlight
The Shepherds Arms stage is full - and its buzzing

This stage aint big enough for all of us

Once he gets onto that mic - you just can't get him off.

Jonesy - rallying the troops - not that they need it - into another Sheps song.

The girls join in from a distance - but manage to get onto the tables and chairs to show some real support The girls at the Sheps put on a show of their own
Jamy Cox being presented with the Division 4 League Cup Jamey Cox finally gets presented with the Trophy for winning the Division 4 Cup final.

By the way did I mention that we won the Cup Final 5 - 0.
Al, Lauren and Jimmy finally get their hands on the trophy. However, Jimmy didn't let it go that night and found it at the side of him the next morning in bed.

I've heard of trophy girlfriends, but thats taking it a little too far.

That's OK none of the players knew it was missing.
Allan Ellis, Jimmy Bradley and Lauren lifting the trophy
Maxine and the girls have a sing song At last - the Landlady and the girls get together for a sing song and bring the house down.........

Still standing
Al is still standing - only just - with the cup in one hand and his drink in the other.

You can see Jimmy in the background thinking how he can get the trophy of Al - so that he can take it to bed !!!!!!

Allan Ellis celebrating Sheps win
SHEPHERDS ARMS AFC - 2004/05 Division 4 Cup WINNERS

Well done to all those involved



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