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WWWWOOooooooooo - thats another goal !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shepherds Arms

At the Shepherds Arms it has always been a team thing - scoring. Last season on a Sunday saw Ben Inman put a total on 36 goals - which is far better than anyone had done to date.

However, things are looking slightly different this season. We have our goal machines on both Saturday and Sunday. Dave Ramsey has got off to absolute flyer for AFC Shepherds Arms and contributing even further on a Sunday.

Oli Johnson didn't start the season and is now pushing to beat last seasons top goalscorer. Going a long way towards that by getting 5 goals on his last outing.

I would bet that both players will beat last seasons tally and add a few more to it which will be quite impressive.

There is a little bit of an incentive for both players - if they manage to beat last seasons scorer then they will both get 10 Pints - FREE paid for by the Manager. No he didn't make the bet when he had a few, he was actually sober!!!!!!!!

AFC Shepherds Arms - Goal Machine - DAVE RAMSEY

Dave (Rammer Dammer Ding Dong) Ramsey has started this season exceptional form scoring in 11 of the 14 games which also includes a personal tally of 4 against his old team - Wakefield City.

A tremendous start that has seen some truly outstanding performances and some very clinical finishing. Dave has notched up 2 Hat-Tricks, as already mentioned a 4 goal haul and on 3 separate occasions 2 goals a game.

In addition to the start he has made in Saturday team - he has also come into form on a Sunday, grabbing a further 11 goals with 1 Hat-Trick and once again on 3 occasions 2 goals a game.

I can see that this is going to cost me a few beers somewhere along the line.

Shepherds Arms FC - Goal Machine - OLI JOHNSON

Starting the season on 23rd October, Oli has scored in all but two games. One of which was his first game when he came on as a substitute.

Oli has notched up 25 goals already and is sure to break last seasons tally which is going to cost me. In getting to 25 in such a short period of time, Oli has got 5 goals in his last game, 2 four goals and 3 Hat-Tricks.

There has been some quite fantastic finishing often leaving the opposing side mesmerized and giving the supporters something else to cheer about.

To make things even better, we also have Dave Ramsey firing on all cylinders and now with the return of Shaun Taylor as Oli's strike partner this makes for some interesting football in the last third.

I can see this costing me a further 10 pints - This could be an expensive season.

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