Shepherds Arms - Trophy Contenders - 2007

Trophy Contenders

Every season the presentation is one that always goes off with a bang with copious amount of beer being drunk.

There are always loads of trophies that are up for grabs and are fought for throughout the whole season - these are as follows:-

Drunk of the Year
Supporters Player of the Year
Most Improved Player
Top Goalscorer
Referees Man of the Match
Players Player
Managers Player
Player of the Season

On the evening there is always a chance to win money and prizes with raffles and domino cards.

Have a look through the links below to see who won what and what sort of night it turned out to be.
You can also look at the Roll of Honour to see the winners at a glance.

AFC Shepherds Arms
Shepherds Arms FC
Drunk of the Year
Drunk of the Year
Its really too early to say - but a few early contenders are Howard Brook and Phill Shuff.

Watch this space for updates.

Dave (Rammer Dammer Ding Dong) Ramsey, Rob (Woolhead) Kent and Oli (Craig David) Johnson are all in the running at the moment.

There are the consistent contenders like Al Ellis and Andy Knights who have picked 3 of the 5 awards since it started.

There are however some of the older ones that I am keeping my eye on for this special award.

Top Goalscorer
Top Goalscorer
Could turn out ot be very interesting - Deano has got off to a flyer and closely followed by Ramma and new comer Vic.

Lets see how this one develops - I'll put my money on Ramma at the moment.....
Wow - this one is going to hot up.

Club record holder Oli is already in front but he is closely followed by Ramma, Tid, Colley and Benji.

The Reserves have a three horse race at the moment with Lee Payne, Richard Butler and Alex Sutton all hitting the net early doors.
Referees Man of the Match
Referees Man of the Match
Ramma, Vic and Andy Beau have started the season off with some good determined performances and being rwarded with the Refs votes.

Yes - its right...... Ramma has got some refs votes - must have been keeping it shut for a while.............. NEVER!!!!!
Too early for the 1st team - 3 games and 3 different votes - Tid, Andy Wilks and Si Macer.

Reserves have 4 different but the early pace being set by Duzza, closely followed by Kev Brickwood, Lee Payne and Darrell Smith.
Players Player
Players Player
Its going with the scorers at the moment - Ramma is out in front, followed by Vic and Dean 4 way split at the moment with Tid out in front, Knightsy closely behind with Paul Beau and Rob Kent starting to make an impression.
Managers Player
Managers Player
Andy Beau is the current leader - with a chasing pack of 4 which consists of Ramma, Danny, Si Macer, Deano and Vic

Tid is way out at the moment with only 1 real contender as yet - Andy Knights.

The Reserves are having a 4 way tussle with Neil Ward, Luke Hargreaves, Lee Payne and Darrell Smith

This is the first showing for trophy contenders - I realise that it is only 4 weeks into the season - but hey, its all fun.





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