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OCTOBER 2005 October 2004 May 2003

The New Season

The 2005/06 season has now started with an impressive run being put together for the Saturday team, winning 3 out of 5 in the league and drawing against last seasons league winners and The Fleece.

The first round of the challenge cup saw AFC Shepherds Arms entertain Sandal Wanderers from the Old Boys league who gave little resistance to an impressive display.

On Saturday 8 th October, the Sheps played The Forresters for the second time in 5 weeks. This time it was in the cup and we had an equally impressive result.

Sundays are proving to be a little bit of a mystery. The season started with what looked like a comfortable win and a great footing to kick the season off with. However, The Sheps old foes – Crofton Colts soon brought the team crashing back to earth with a 3-2 defeat.

After looking at the team some changes were made but because of injuries and people away the following game proved to be a better team effort but unfortunately the second loss came against Peacock who were lucky not to be 4 -0 down in the first 20 minutes.

Nightingale came to what was fortress Parker Road last season in the Landlords Cup and delivered a 3 rd straight defeat for the Sunday team – but once again the opposition were lucky not to be 3 down in 20 minutes.


Saturday Team

The Saturday team have arrived and they are setting the pace between the two teams. Currently in 5 th in Division 1, this is going to prove to be a very difficult season but if all goes well – could mean promotion to the Premier League.

October is going to be an interesting month of fixtures with Wakefield City on 15th , the local derby with Fleece on the 22nd and current league leaders Knottingley Waterside who are unbeaten and gave Fleece a shock in the first game of the season.

If all goes well this could put us in a very strong position to get to the promised land.

The most interesting point at the moment is that on paper, we haven't fielded the strongest team possible but everyone is putting in 100% effort and the results are happening.

This season sees a choice for key areas and the battle for places is now starting to hot up with players coming back from injuries and all the holidays finished.

The past weeks have seen only a couple of subs, where this is likely to get to five a game, ensuring that the players on the field realise that they have to play well to keep their place.

Keep up the good work.

Hat Trick Hero


The season has set off with a bang with Rammer scoring two hat tricks in the first two games and a haul of 4 goals against Wakefield City . The first celebrated with some sort of girly shout as he ran around the pitch.

The second came more comfortably with a less elaborate celebration but none the less effective.

Since the first two games Rammer Dammer Ding Dong has scored in every game on a Saturday and has just opened his account on a Sunday – is Rammer going to be the Scoring Machine this season ?

Well we will have to wait and see – all these goals are coming from him playing out on the wing – it is only a matter of time till the strikers start to find the touch.

Duzza has got 5 goals in the last 4 league games and Chris Colley has 3 in the last 3 games. Looking at what has started as a great season for Rammer is slightly marred by his persistence to argue with the ref – Dave there is only one winner out of that argument and its already cost you!!!

Can anyone catch Rammer up – it is truly a great start. Looking at Saturdays we only have 5 scorers – bear in mind gents – anyone who does not score has a lap of the pitch to do – NAKED!!

A trip to the dogs

As tradition states there is always a Christmas “Boozy Do”.

This season is no different, and as before, everyone fancies a trip to the dogs.

This will be done at the beginning of December and as before the beers will be flowing.

In past years it has been known to do a pint per race with some disastrous results like people falling asleep on top of their pint glass – mentioning no names on this one.

It has also been known that a few people come out from the dogs having won some money – personally I've never been able to work it out – but I am not the brightest light in the shop.

The night will take the form of a coach trip arranged for 6-00pm with a free beer on entry, race card, entry to a holiday draw or something similar, a free bet and some food.

It is estimated that it will cost between £20 and £25 and monies must be received before the event to ensure your place. Info to follow. MEN ONLY.

Woolheads Utd

What is it with the youngsters today – they all seem to have hair that looks like wool – last season we had Rammer with the highest hair ever – or we thought, then this season we have Rob. It looks like he is trying to take after his mate for having a WOOL HEAD.

Then we have the go faster stripes and spikes. Does it actually work – if I have a wig with a go faster stripe do you think it will make any difference? Don't think so.

I think this is a case of trying to get one over the Boss – yeh, so I am bald who cares!!

Be careful guys – we could be called WOOLHEADS UTD !!!!!!

Cup draws offer the perfect opportunity

This season will give us the opportunity to see how far we have come on both Saturday's and Sunday's.

Firstly in the District Challenge Cup on Saturday's we have come up against Woodhouse Hill.

This is a team who have put a few goals past their previous opponents and they believe that we will not provide any better opposition.

How wrong could they be – this is a perfect chance for us to understand how far we have come and prove to these over confident idiots that The Mighty Sheps are no push overs.This game is scheduled for mid Novemeber and will be played at Carr Lodge Park – a place in the Quarter Finals awaits the winners.

Sundays offers a different opponent in the Seymour Cup Round 3. We will face the winners of Thorntree V Babes in the Wood. Both teams are in the Premiership one in the Wakefield League and the other in the Heavy Woolen League.

The first meeting between these ended in a 3 – 3 draw after extra time and both will prove very difficult to beat. Naturally we have some knowledge of Thorntree as we played them in a friendly at the beginning of the season under the guise of Walnut Tree.

Once again if we win this one it will be the Quarter Finals.

What great opportunities for both sides – lets show them what we can do !!!!!!!

The Local derby

This season sees the long awaited return of a Horbury derby. It is a guaranteed fun filled game seeing The Fleece taking on The Shepherds Arms on Saturday 22 nd October at Parker Road .

Although The Fleece had had a few hiccups already this season it was a sure thing that all the players would come out of the wood work to play in this one.

The Fleece started with a changed formation of 3-5-2 while the Sheps stuck with the traditional 4-4-2.

As expected it was a rough a tumble start with some hard but fair exchanges in the first 2 minutes. As the game settled down “A Little” Sheps gave away a few unnecessary free kicks and The Fleece capitalised to go 1-0 up.

Shortly after a reckless challenge, a penalty was awarded and The Fleece were 2-0 up.

Time to dig in and for The Sheps to start believing what they can achieve. This was rewarded when the Fleece keeper fouled Rammer in the box for him to slot the penalty away.

After the break it was time for Mr Woolhead – Rob Kent to find the net and open his scoring account with a slight miskick. At 2-2 it was very tight with both teams pushing. The Fleece got their all important 3rd goal and put the pressure back on the lads.

They responded and pushed forward with great vigour – for guess who – to score the equaliser – yes that's right – the guy who couldn't hit a barn door in the last 6 games found a sublime strike from somewhere to dampen the Fleece spirits and earn The Sheps a deserved draw.

A fantastic game to watch with great spirit, attitude and commitment.


Saturday Trophies – Managers Player

This is going to be a hotly contested trophy with all the players wanting to impress.

Every game the manager picks the three best players on the day and scores this 5, 3 and 1 point which is totaled at the end of the season for the Managers Player of the Season.

The first seven games have seen impressive performances from all players involved ensuring that this will be a very difficult task to separate who are the best performers and who can walk away with this sought after trophy.

It is so close at the moment that it is very hard to put a top ten together. However, please find details of the top runners at the moment


1st – Rob Kent
2nd – Phil Tranter
3rd – Dave Ramsey
4th – Andy Beaumont
4th – Scott Ackroyd
4th – Simon Mason
7th – Dean Newbold
8th – Paul Beaumont
8th – Ben Hunter
10th – Mark Saward

Saturday Trophies – Players Player

Votes are taken every week from each player and where possible – supporters.

These are collected throughout the season and the most consistent player is awarded the players player award.

This one is special as it is those guys who play week in week out that are voting and who they feel have impressed on the days. This is very close at the moment with top 4 players being split by 2 points.

However, it is very early days and everyone is in with a shout for this one – one very good game can see you jump to the top – it is that close. An interesting tussle in 3rd – with the brothers grim going head to head – who will win this one ????


1st – Rob Kent
2nd – Dave Ramsey
3rd – Andy Beaumont
3rd – Paul Beaumont
5th – Phil tranter
6th – Scott Ackroyd
7th – Simon Mason
8th – Dean Newbold
9th – Ben Hunter

Saturday Trophies – Referees Man of the Match

Every week a vote is taken from the Referee – he may not be the most popular person on the pitch but his opinion does count.

Once again these votes are calculated over the season for the Referees Man of the Match award.

In the seven games to date we have three players that have picked up 2 votes each and the fourth player with a single vote.

As you can see – you only need a couple of excellent games to be top of the tree at the moment – don't let these early runners get too far ahead – they are going to hard to catch if you don't pull your socks up and have those all important influential games.


1st – Paul Beaumont
1st – Dave Ramsey
1st – Rob Kent
4th – Chris Durham

Sunday Trophies – Managers Player

Last seasons Managers Player has now left the club – Ben – which leaves the title up for grabs for a new winner.

I am sure that last years Runner Up – Geoff Nash will be in the running with some influential performances to date – when we can get him there – and with a host of new players ensures that this one is going to heavily contested.

Early injuries and absences have meant for an slightly unsettled team but the players are still putting the effort and performances in. 8 points separate 1st to 9th so it only takes a couple of good games to be at the top.

Once again the brothers are tied in a battle – who will come out on top ???

The most interesting point to this is that there are only 3 players from last seasons Cup Winning Team that are in the top 10!!!!!!!!


1st – Dave Shaw
2nd – Geoff Nash
3rd – Rob Kent
4th – Paul Beaumont
4th – Andy Beaumont
6th – Nigel Sugden
7th – Danny Milburn
8th – Allan Ellis
8th – Dave Ramsey

Sunday Trophies – Players Player

The pace has really been set for the players player votes with the two early leaders opening up quite a big gap to 3 rd and below.

Last years Winner – Ben – has left the door open for a new Players Player – no-one has retained the award in the four season to date.

Impressive performances from Paul Beaumont and Dave Shaw have set this staggering pace at the start and it will take some serious performances to start and catch them up.

Who is big enough and good enough to start their challenge now and start to claw back the gap. Once again the majority of the top runners are new players to the team – so it's time for the Old Guard to stand up and be counted.


1st – Paul Beaumont
2nd – Dave Shaw
3rd – Geoff Nash
4th – Rob Kent
5th – Danny Milburn
5th Andy Beaumont
7th – Allan Ellis
8th – Nigel Sugden
9th – Jermaine Jones

Sunday Trophies – Referees Man of the Match

The Referees Man of the Match award could not be any more open.

There are 5 players that have one vote and a single player taking the early with 2 votes.

Both of last years winners won't be having a say this season – Ben and Andrew Bland. There are plenty of games to go but there are some familiar names in this group and one thing can be certain that all will be challenging for this one come the end of the season.

However, there are some obvious names that are not yet on this list and I am sure that over the coming weeks they will be making their claim and getting in on the action for the referees vote.


1st – Paul Beaumont
2nd – Jamey Cox
2nd – Geoff Nash
2nd – Dave Ramsey
2nd – Jermaine Jones
2nd – Chris Colley


A BIG THANK YOU has to go to Max and Colin for the effort that they have put in over the past months where the football team is concerned.

They have sold raffle tickets, mixed grill tickets, domino cards all for the football team to raise funds for what always proves to be a brilliant presentation night. In addition to all of this the food is always on time for both teams and where necessary the away teams when they come back.

On behalf of the football team I would like to thank you for your time and effort and relay the tanks passed on to me from the football teams.

Lets get the place kicking and win some more silverware and make The Shepherds Arms FC the best football team in Horbury – second to none!!!!

In addition to all the above we also have a BRAND NEW KIT which has been so kindly supplied.


Training for those who want !

Training has been going really well every week with a good turnout. All those that have come along seem to enjoy it and want to push themselves that little bit further.

Because of this Phil Tranter has arranged for some training facilities to be made available on Tuesday or Wednesday nights between 7 and 8 over at South Elmsall.

This is under flood lights and gives us the opportunity to train throughout the season and push for those all important trophies that makes all of this worth while.

We meet at the Sheps around 6-45pm.


Shepherds Arms Raffle

The Shepherds Arms Football Club raffle was a little disappointing, with only some of the tickets being sold. However, on a more positive note the 2 nd prize of £50 was won by a ticket sold by Simon Mason, the DVD won with a ticket sold by Howard Brook, Duzza picked up the Drinks Hamper – which I understand was full of all sorts. Simon Mason's Mum won the meal for two at The Shepherds Arms.

The £100 first prize is still waiting to be claimed and the closing date for this is 31st October. If it is not claimed then the prize will be put into the clubs funds which is quite handy.

Thank you to all of those players, supporters and Shepherds Arms locals for your effort in supporting this ever evolving club


As I am sure you are all very much aware, running a football team is very difficult. For some strange reason I have taken it upon myself to be involved with both the Saturday and Sunday teams with help from Chris “DUZZA” Durham and Adi “HOOO” Bramald.

In past seasons we have done a trip to the dogs which is also happening this season, but I would like everyone to have a think about other things that we can do as a team or in ways that we can generate additional funds for the club.


It may be a trip to the Horses, Paintball, Go-Karting, an event to raise funds for a charity or simply to put the funds into our account or some reason to do a team bonding session (as per Jamey Cox) in other words to get leathered doing the bottom of Westgate or Otley run.

Lets make the season worth while in more ways than one.


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