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Presentation - 2001/02 Season

The first end of season presentation night. As you will understand from the following pictures, the team really do enjoy a good "boozy do!".

Every Sunday after the game all the players have a beer or two or in the majority of cases several - however there is always something about the presentation nights. Everybody along with wives and partners seem to go that extra step and get absolutely legless. The first presentation night was no exception.

Thanks must be given to Luke and Debbie for their sponsorship and supplying the kit for our first season. You can find more information on LA Pert Contracting in our sponsors page.

As is normal, thanks also goes to the lunatic supporters who brave the weather on those rain soaked, freezing, hail stone and on the rare occasion sunny Sunday mornings. Without this support we would not be the team that we are.

Shepherds Arms presentation night As the night starts, Paddy gives the customary hello gesture. Paul has already started on the booze and the cheeks are turning red - are you sure this is your first beer?

There is also a proper dodgy geezer in the background - that would be the manager - The Fat Bald Kid

The first of the evenings awards was to recognise the individual who had given that little bit extra and made that - possibly - game changing tackle.

It was very close throughout the season - with Allan Ellis and Andy Knights putting those crunches in. However, in my opinion there was only one winner -

Daz Hardy

The reason for this is quite simple - Daz came onto the pitch as a substitute to add that little bit of umph to the play. Within the space of 10 seconds Daz had clattered one of the opposing team and sythed him down. Yellow Card. You couldn't believe it - it certainly changed the game.

Neil Lane showing a little too much

Well - what can we say Neil - you said that you never had your arse out on the night. Take a look at the other photos and you will see that it is definately you.

It would appear that Mandy, Tracy and Leslie are all enjoying it anyway.


This is one of those odd trophies. This all came about after scoring goals and the season just couldn't end without there being a mention. On two occasions both of the players concerned had worked hard and managed to score a goal during the course of the game.

I am sure that you have all seen the Pro's doing their celebration and the Klinsman dive - now thats how it should happen - however the winners of this trophy:-

Matt Pert
Jermaine Jones

both had the bright idea to do "The Dive". I would like to point out that the ground was reasonably hard and after jumping in the air (far too high) they came down to earth with a bang!!! On both occasions the players winded themselves and have vowed not to try that again - priceless.

It's all in the delivery boys!!!!!


This particular trophy is usually well fought for in the majority of pub teams - however in our first season there was only one clear winner. With the traditional Saturday night jaunt to "The Dirty Knack" - don't ask - you are probably better off not knowing - he always wanted a call in the morning to make sure he was up. On a couple of occasions the call was made - and yes he actually answered it - but at the start of the game he was nowhere to be seen.

An hour into the game and one of the trusty supporters would get a call advising that he had fallen asleep again.
Some occasions you couldn't even get hold of him.

When he did turn up at what he would call a reasonable time - his eyes were like a road map and very puffy. I seem to remember a game when he was on the pitch in his usual position at centre half and a ball coming straight at him from an almighty height - it could have had snow on it - honest!! - well you would have thought that with the reaction. He simply moved out of the way and said "SOD THAT!".

The only possible winner of this award:-

Andrew Knights

A true Drunk of the Year !!!!!

Andy Knights showing why he is The Drunk of the Year

Here we have the Drunk of the Year himself - and guess what - he has got a beer in his hands - well actually all the players certainly had their fair share on the night.

By the looks of it Amanda has had her fair share aswell with those rosey cheeks !!!


This is one of those trophies that people are not sure about. It is for an individual who gives that extra to the club over and above the normal turning up and playing. I am pleased to say that there was only one possible winner on the evening and that was the manager

The Fat Bald Kid

On the back of this - as a show of appreciation all the players had a quick whip round and bought thirty pints of Fosters for the Fat Lad.

This was greatly appeciated along with the hangovers that followed.

What do we have here - this is Al - our trusty right back who had a great season - but what seems to be the problem - he has filled one of the trophy's up with some conconction and can't even lift it.

You'll see Al a bit later

Allan Ellis raising his trophy

When starting a new club it should be very difficult to see who the most improved player is throughout the season. This season was not hard at all - we originally started out playing five-a-side and he looked decidely dodgy at that. When we decided to form the 11-a-side team he put his heart on his shirt and gave 110% in every gane that he played. OK, a few mishaps on the way, but you are going to get that at centre half, especially if you have never played there before or haven't played for the last 16 years.

Another award where there could only be one winner:-

Mick Hamlett

Well Done Mick - you deserved it for your effort alone !!!

Andrew Wilkinson drinking from the cup Here we have Wilky - The Keeper - he likes to think himself as somewhat of a Jerzy Dudek lookalike - well all we can say at this stage is that he certainly is entering into the SPIRIT of things.

Over the course of a season all the players vote at the end of each game for who they believe to be the Man of the Match. At the end of the Season the number of times an idivual has been voted then denotes the most consistent player. The player who won this only missed out on a few games where he didn't get a vote - and I seem to remember that this could have been due to being on holiday or when he was rested - under protest, I hasten to add.

The Most Consistent Player was: -

Allan Ellis

Great stuff Al - same next season ?

"Al - have you some trophies by any chance ?"

Al scouped three trophies this season and is very happy at rubbing everyones nose in it.

Hi Mum - bless her - she was so proud on the night she was actrually looking forward to dusting them!!!

Allan Ellis showing his trophy haul off

One of the sought after trophies - this is voted by - of course - The Supporters. The unenviable task of getting up every Sunday morning and watching your friends chase a ball round while the rain and wind is battering you.

Throughout the season they watch the games and each supporter has a vote as to who they think has been the best player.

Winning the second of his trophy haul this evening - it was the ever impressive:-

Allan Ellis

This is added to The Most Consistent Player of the Season - a good evening for someone at least !!!

As you will see from some of the photos - the night passed well for Al and he was soon on "Planet Mong" after celebrating in style.

Andy Bland loses his belt

Andy Bland - what are you doing - another one of The Sheps lot that likes to get his arse out.

One good thing is - the hand at the side of him is his wife's.

Tracy have you been egging him on again - do we really need to see this?


The Players Player trophy is voted for throughout the year and at the end of every game each player and the supporters, vote for a Man of the Match. These are totalled up at the end of the season and the player with the most votes gets the Players Player award.

This season was quite strange becuase the winner wasn't with us at the start and joined after about 7 games. However, the impact that he had on the field was sure to get him up amongst them with this award.

After a great season - The winner of the Players Player Trophy was

Jamey Cox

A fantastic addition to the team - well done Jamey.

Andy Wilky - what's that you have in you hand?

Is it by any chance a trophy?

Personally I think you are a little shocked that you got anything

What was it for again?

Andy Wilkinson posing with his trophy

Ther Managers Player award is totaled up at the end of the season with the Boss - The Fat Bald Kid - voting after each game on a 1, 2 & 3 basis.

The season saw something a little different - usually the Keeper gets overlooked and this goes to the people who score the goals. However this season it was the Keeper. He battled through each game and was ever present throughout the season - THANK GOD !

I am convinced that without him our first season could have ended up a lot worse than it did.

Andrew Wilkinson

You can see the look of surprise on his face in the above photo. Personally I think he quite liked winning that trophy.

Well Done Andy - a great first season

Marc Ellis and Andy Wilkinson getting into the SPIRIT of things

As you can see - by this point Wilky has definatley had enough. Not being content at getting the Managers Player award he also wants to get in on all of the photos as well.

Curly is having none of it and concentrates on the task in hand - downing this conconction of a cocktail that his dear brother put together.


The Player of the Season award is voted for by each player and supporter. This is a single vote for an individual who has thought to have had an excellent season.

On this occasion I don't think that there are any arguments regarding this one. He has been fully committed throughout the season and has already picked up two awards this evening

The Most Consistent Player

Supporters Player

So it comes as no surprise that the Player of the Season award goes to

Allan Ellis

Al, a fantastic season and all your efforts have been rewarded.

Can you do the same next season ?

Steve Wilky deceides to have a go at this drink. Everybody else seems to have had a go.

At last we have actually got him quiet for a few seconds.

The way to silence him - BEER!!!

The trophy is doing the rounds and is now with Steve Wilkinson
Allan Ellis clutching to his trophies

Al is now looking very happy with himself - clutching them trophies not letting anyone near them.

Mick is also looking at happy after winning the Most Improved - however you will know about it in the morning Mick - You are not use to these late nights. Mick is one of those people who go home at around 6pm cause he doesn't like the dark!!!

Surely we have seen enough this evening - first Neil, then Blandy and now Wilky - ah well - by this time he has got to be well drunk.

Are you trying to impress the judges for "The Drunk of the Year" award for next Season ?

Andy Wilkinson joining the rest of them and showing a little too much
Well that is the conclusion of the presentation night, you would think so - wouldn't you, but no, the drinking and frolics carried on till late that evening. I can reassure you that no one was up early the next morning.

Have a look at the presentation night for 2002/2003 and see who the winners were. Or simply have a look at the role of honour.

I hope that this gives you an idea of the great nights that are had by all at The Shepherds Arms.


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