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Q1 - Which England 1966 player nearly missed the World Cup due to a contractual despute with his club. Under FA Rules this made him inelligible - so a temporary contract had to be made up.

Q2 - When Newcastle's Keeper and Outfield stand in were both injured at a match at Upton Park in 1986 - they turned to a vertically challenged individual - eventually they lost 8 - 0, but who went in nets?

Q3 - Europes record agrregate win is held by an English club - they won 21 - 0, but who is it?

Q4 - Which player refused to take a penalty for Juventus against Fiorentina - out of loyalty to his former club - and was promptly substituted by an unsentimental coach?

Q5 - Which Italian player scored the first penalty in the shoot out with Argentina in 1990, but missed in the same circumstances against Brazil in 1994?

Q6 - In August 1997 which player occupied the top 3 positions in the Match of the Day - Goal of the Month competition - One of which won goal of the season?

Q7 - Who was Middlesborough's most famous striker, and their last player to score five goals in one match?

Q8 - Who was banned from their International team in 1988 after describing the Manager as "A Sack of S**T"?

Q9 - Who is the only player to score 100 goals for English and Scottish clubs?

Q10 - Alan Ball was the first player to make 100 appearances for 4 different clubs - name them


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