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Football Quiz 30


Q1 - Who were the first team to be relegated from the 1st Division to the 1st Division

Q2 - Which player has played in the following derbies - Merseyside, North London, Tyne Tees, Milan, Munich

Q3 - Which Premiership team supplied opposing keepers for a competitive International last year

Q4 - Which ex Arsenal player scored in the World Cup Final of 1998

Q5 - Which current league team has reached 6 Wembley Cup Finals but never faced a team from its own division in any of them

Q6 - What did Jock Wallace do in 1966/67 season that no footballer has done since

Q7 - Which footballer picked up 3 different trophies in 3 consecutive years at Wembley Stadium (Does not include Charity Shield)

Q8 - Who is the only player to have played in Manchester, North and South London, Merseyside and Wearside derbies

Q9 - Name three Scottish football sides containing a part of the human body

Q10 - There have been 9 players sent off for England - Name them

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