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Football Quiz 28


Q1 - Kevin Pressman had a 19 year history with the owls that made him the 2nd highest post war appearance maker. How many did he make
A - 300 - 400 B - 400 - 500 C - 500 - 600

Q2 - Since the 90's Wednesday have been in the League cup semi-final twice - name the years

Q3 - Where did Big Ron sign Carlton Palmer from

Q4 - Which players' transfer trail is as follows
Weds, Charlton, Weds, Wolves, Barnsley

Q5 - Who is the biggest transfer out of Sheffield Wednesday

Q6 - Which player has been top scorer for 3 out of the last 4 seasons

Q7 - Chris Waddle became a Weds player in 92 - from which club did he join

Q8 - Which year did Weds win the League Cup

Q9 - Sheff Weds are one of the oldest professional football clubs in England. Are they the 3rd, 5th or 7th oldest

Q10 - Since June 95 Wednesday have had 8 managers to date - name them

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