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Football Quiz 27

Q1 - Which International player scored 10 goals in his native country before being signed by a Premiership side, but only netted once after his arrival? He was then sold to another European side where he failed to score at all, although he scored for his country. He was then bought by another Premiership side where he only managed to find the net once. He was then offloaded to a 3rd English club where he failed to score. Who am I ?

Q2 - Which footballer has played in the Premier League, Managed in the Premier League, played for England and played against England

Q3 - There are FOUR England internationals whose name begins and ends with the same letter and are currently playing in the Premiership - Name them

Q4 - Which team had a design on their shirts by the famous Catalan Artist Salvador Dali

Q5 - Man Utd have done it the most times, Arsenal, Liverpool and Newcastle have done it, Man Utd did it last in 2002, What is it

Q6 - Complete the sequence

Villa, Liverpool, Derby, Spurs, Newcastle, Man U, Man U, Leeds, Liverpool, Villa, Southampton, West Ham, Sunderland, Leicester, Boro, Ipswich, Man U, Man U, ……

Q7 - Of the clubs in the premier and football league there are nine that have never played at Wembley stadium. Who are they

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