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Football Quiz 26

From the transfer trail below can you work out which footballer it is.

QUIZ 26 - Transfer Trail

Q1 - Wigan, Orient, Sheff Utd, Leeds, Man City, Port Vale (Loan), West Brom (Loan), Port Vale

Q2 - Arsenal, Orient (Loan), Arsenal, Leicester (Loan), Arsenal, Forest, Trabsonspor, Everton

Q3 - Swansea, Oxford, Sunderland, Bradford (Loan), Sunderland, Fulham

Q4 - Forest, Liverpool, Man City, Forest (Loan), Man City, Sheff Weds (Loan)

Q5 - Man City, West Brom, Leeds, Real Betis, Leeds, Coventry, Man U, Man City, Bolton, Port Vale, Hull

Q6 - Dundee Utd, Coventry, Blackburn, Newcastle, Preston

Q7 - Man Utd, Arsenal, Man City, Everton, Bolton

Q8 - Lens, West Ham, Lyon, Man City (Loan)

Q9 - Lille, Copenhagen, Bolton, Blackburn, Bolton, Wigan

Q10 - Stoke, Plymouth, Stoke, Arsenal, Sunderland, Sheff Weds, Niort (France), Forest, Leeds, Portsmouth, West Ham, Southend, Ipswich, Leeds

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