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Football Quiz 25


Q1 - Which International keeper played in 3 English League Cup Finals for 3 different clubs in the 70's, 80's and 90's

Q2 - Which club were the first to be relegated from the Premiership twice

Q3 - Which player has featured in London, Glasgow, Manchester, Milan and Edinburgh derbies

Q4 - Which scorer of the quickest Champions League Hat Trick, now plies his trade in Division 2

Q5 - There are 3 former Liverpool players to have won and English Premiership medal - who are they

Q6 - What connects the first ever premiership goal to the 10,000th at the time

Q7 - What was Sunderland's Stefan Schwarz contractually banned from doing in 2000

Q8 - Name three footballers you can put on a barbecue

Q9 - Which Chelsea player scored the highest number of premiership goals in 2003/04

Q10 - In the recent 2004 Euro match against Portugal, there were 7 English players who have Christian names for surnames - name them

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