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Football Quiz 24


Q1 - Since 1980 Liverpool have played in 18 domestic and European finals. How many have they won

Q2 - Who were the last English managers to win the FA Cup and League

Q3 - Which six players with identical names have played for England in post war internationals

Q4 - Prevented from using it's artificial pitch in 84/85 UEFA Cup, where did QPR play their home games

Q5 - Who lost 9 - 0 to Spain in a Euro 2000 qualifier

Q6 - Which two teams compete in the POTTERIES derby

Q7 - Who captained Liverpool in their 85/86 double season

Q8 - Which club were relegated to Division 2 after winning the 85 league cup

Q9 - How many Italian League titles does a team have to win to earn the right of wearing a Gold Star above its club badge

Q10 - Which was the last season in which the three promoted clubs to the top division in England stayed up. And name the teams.

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