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Football Quiz 22

Premiership 2002/03

Q1 - Since April 98, there has only been 2 instances of the away team scoring four times in the first 40 minutes of a premiership game. The same teams were involved - name them

Q2 - The past two scorelines of 6 - 2 in the premiership have both occurred at St James Park - Mar 02 and Apr 03 - Name the teams involved

Q3 - Wayne Rooney was one of the 16 year olds to score against a keeper well over twice his age when he scored against Arsenal. Who was the other striker and keeper.

Q4 - In 02/03 Alan Smith was sent off twice at the same stadium - which one

Q5 - For the second successive season Liverpool won 6 - 0 away to a side relegated at the end of the campaign. Name the two teams

Q6 - Blackburn's 5 - 2 home win was the only time they scored more than 4 in the premiership whilst the 5 - 1 defeat was the one occasion when they conceded more than 4. Name the team.

Q7 - In the premierships 11 year history to 2003 there has been 2 welsh managers - name them.

Q8 - Newcastle have managed 2 wins in their past 14 matches against Man Utd - both came at St James Park but what other fact happened in both games.

Q9 - Which team has recorded a minus goal difference every year in their 10 years in the premiership, despite finishing in the top half five times

Q10 - In 2002/03 Man Utd won the League, but where did they finish in the following competitions - FA Cup, Worthington Cup, Champs Lge

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