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Football Quiz 19


Q1 - Terry Venables once released a record of "MY WAY" sung in catalan

Q2 - Scottish Club Queens Park appeared in an English FA Cup final

Q3 - There was a proposal in 1987 to merge Fulham and QPR, the new club to be called Fulham Rangers

Q4 - Roly Poly actor, Christopher Biggins once had a trial with Brentford

Q5 - Poland were in England's World Cup qualifying group in 1990, 1994 and 1998

Q6 - Pound Park and Horn Lane were former grounds of Charlton Athletic

Q7 - Try Again are a league team

Q8 - Manchester City once played at Green Park Lane, Pink Bank Lane and Reddish Lane

Q9 - Luxembourg were quarter finalists in the 1964 European Championships

Q10 - Instant Dict is a drink containing Creatine banned by FIFA

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