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Football Quiz 13

LEEDS 01/02

Q1 - Who was the top scorer in 2001/2002 season

Q2 - According to the OPTA index who was the top passer with a total of 1780 successful passes, a completion rate of 82%. More than any other English player

Q3 - 2 players scored against both Man Utd and Arsenal - who were they

Q4 - There was only one hat-trick in this league campaign - who scored it and against who

Q5 - Alan Smith scored the fastest premiership goal in just 29 seconds - who was this against

Q6 - The League Cup saw another Hat-trick. Who scored the goals against premiership opposition and who did they beat

Q7 - Who ended Uniteds' UEFA Cup Challenge

Q8 - Nigel Martyn recorded the most clean sheets in the league along with Dudek - How many

Q9 - Only two players went through the league season without picking up a card - who were they.

Q10 - Leeds received 5 red cards in the league. Can you name the 4 players

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