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Football Quiz 11


Q1 - Ray Kennedy, a double winner at Arsenal in 1971, missed the chance to become the first player to complete the same fete with a second club (Liverpool), but who beat them in the 1977 FA Cup Final

Q2 - Two sets of brothers appeared in which international team

Q3 - Who were the Brothers

Q4 - Italia 90 - Italy V Argentina went to a penalty shoot out - who missed for Italy

Q5 - Ironically who scored the winning penalty which was not well received

Q6 - In 1986 who were the first African team to get beyond the initial group at the finals

Q7 - Who were known as the pensioners, but dropped the name as they thought it was inappropriate for a football team. Seats are still reserved for the uniformed veterans

Q8 - Who is the only keeper to score for two English clubs

Q9 - Who is the youngest top division player to score a hat-trick, aged 17 years and 140 days

Q10 - Name the twelve teams to form the Football League in 1888

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